Flashback to India – Walking to Triund

I am currently planning a hike in the Budawangs national park, west of Ulladulla in NSW and whilst doing so, I started to reminisce about previous walks and adventures. Flashback to 2009 where I travelled with my brother through the northern region of India covering Himachal Pradesh and Leh. It’s a spectacular place with the Himalayan mountain region always in sight and beautiful friendly people with a strong Buddhist influence.
Our 2-day / 1-night walk to Triund was exceptional. A few highlight shots below:
On top of the world – well not quite but it felt like it here at the top of Triund.
Exhausted but what a view to wake up to.
Cloudy, Himalayan freshness.
Impending storm that never quite arrived.
Fellow ‘Triund-ers’ on our way back down the mountain.
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