Mount Solitary Traverse

Thank you all for an action-packed weekend of hiking where we covered great distances and vertical ascents.
Crew: Daniel, Lee, Tal, Frankie, Richie, Simmy, Jason, Schulman, Ryan, Ezra, Linton, Josh.
Golden Stairs - Group Shot at Start
Mt Solitary Traverse
Morning Day 2 - Richie in light Morning Day 2 - Some of crew eating breakfast Camp Cliff - Labrynth that is Jamison Valley Camp Fire - More fire many campers 1 Ruined Castle - Climb to Ruined Castle (Tal and Linton) Ruined Castle - Group Shot at Top Ruined Castle - Mt Solitary View Silhouettes - Frankie and Lee approaching
A second adventure to Mt Solitary with more detailed report is available here.
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