Flashback to Northern Thailand (Pai) Trek 2003

With the approach (and now conclusion of) our Budawangs trek, I’ve been completely engrossed in all things related to trekking and the outdoors these past few weeks. I’ve found myself looking back at photos from long ago… late 2003 or early 2004 to be precise where I spent a number of weeks in Thailand.
With my first year of uni out of the way and after working as a maths tutor all year, I travelled to Thailand with a group of good mates. Much of it was spent on Thailand’s idyllic islands, indulging in beach paradise and lively full moon parties but as time has passed, I’ve found myself reminiscing most about the trek I did with three of my friends in the northern region of Thailand called Pai, near the Myanmar border.

Four good mates in the wild untouched hills of Pai

Candlelit dinner on our first night

One of the host families during our stay

Bamboo shelter for our second night – tight squeeze but surprisingly comfortable
















End of the trek with refreshing pineapple

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