SUPing at Fairy Bower (Manly)

Photo by Matt Smith (Buy it here)
It’s the Queen’s birthday long weekend and the bad weather’s been threatening all day, but in the end it’s been all talk and no action. The surf is forecast is pick up tomorrow to about 4-5 ft says Coastal Watch and until it does Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is an excellent alternative when there’s only a small bump around.
Headed to Fairy Bower today to try out SUPing for the first time. Hired boards at the Mambo Coffee and Tees surf shop on the Shelly Beach boardwalk for $25/hour and hit the water with a good mate. Superb conditions: crystal clear water, small swell and, best of all, for the most part there was no one else around. To be free of the usual crowds is pretty rare these days and it was definitely far more tranquil and relaxing to have the place to ourselves.
As for the SUP experience, it was definitely harder on the core and legs than I’d expected and it was as good a feeling as surfing. It’s also strange to be ‘standing’ on the water the whole time, which gives a whole new perspective compared with surfing. I’ll be keeping this activity in mind for days when the surf is too small.
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