Surfing at Stanwell Park Beach

On Saturday 10th May, we left behind the crowded city beaches and headed south to Stanwell Park Beach. With plenty of good swell running into south-facing beaches and westerly winds, there was a good chance Stanwell would be working.
As we drove along the windy downhill towards Stanwell, we caught glimpses of clean lines through the trees and shrubbery. That unmistakable white salty spray trailing off the waves as they surge towards the beach. And then, we arrive, park and admire the perfection at Stanwell on this beautiful morning. Abundant swell, a breezy offshore, lefts, rights and even barrels to be savoured. And, crowds – none. Snapped these photos in just a short time before the ocean’s allure could be resisted no longer. And now, post surf… a sense of rejuvenation and rapture that only comes from the mix of nature, sea and surf… it’s good to be back on the board.
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